Dundrea Tactical Courses

Courses Overview

Age Requirement: You must be at least 21 years old. If you are not of age, you must be with a parent or legal guardian.

Pricing: Courses cost $150 per person. $50 per additional person. All courses last around 4-6 hours.

Rental Guns: $10 per handgun, $20 per rifle or shotgun. Suppressors are $10 extra to use. Not all guns can be suppressed but most can.

Ammo: Cost varies depending on caliber. $10 each for 40mm practice grenades. For belt-fed links it is it is $10 per 100 links.

Targets: Paper Targets cost $2 each. Exploding target cost $10 each.

Courses Offered

Basic Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun:

Going over the fundamentals of shooting properly. This course is designed not only for first time shooters, but also for experienced shooters who need to work on their accuracy skills. Will also include breaking the firearm down and cleaning it and putting it back together. Please contact me with any questions you might have about the details of this course.

Advanced Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun:

Once you feel confident with your skills to hit the target accurately and consistently, then it is time to move onto more complicated techniques. Such as rapid fire, double taps, failure drills, rapid reloads, cleaning jams on the range, basic holster draws or sling work. Please contact me before signing up for this class.

Tactical Handgun/Rifle/Shotgun:

This is going to be very advanced shooting. Moving and shooting targets. Drawing and firing. Learning the difference between cover and concealment and how to use it properly. Weak hand shooting. Tactical reloads. Clearing jams in combat. Please contact me before signing up for this class.

License to Carry:

After competition of this course you will receive the CHL-100 form required to obtain your LTC from Texas DPS. 4 hours of classroom with PowerPoint presentation. Multiple choice exam. Shooting test. You will be expected to already know how to shoot a handgun. This class will NOT teach you how to shoot a handgun!! You must be at least 21 years old and have a valid Texas Driver's License. Or you must be at least 18 years old if you are Active Duty Military.

Custom Class

We can discuss what you want to work on and I can create a class that fits your individual needs. Please E-mail me to discuss your options.